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Cast Stone Planters

Add Decorative Concrete Landscape Planters to Your Garden, Patio or Yard with Unique Cast Stone Planters. We offer Modern Concrete Outdoor Urns and Pots for Landscape Decor at the Best Sale Prices.

When planning a landscape design for your home or commercial outdoor are it is important to choose garden accents that will enhance the natural features. It is also important to use materials that will provide a unique and lasting benefit to your outdoor decor. Concrete landscape planters provide the best option for landscape decor because it simulates the look of natural cut stone and the look and finishes of the cast stone concrete will complement the natural elements of your outdoor space. The durability of our cast stone urns and pots will ensure that your landscape accents will withstand any weather condition and thus you will never have to worry about replacing your planters because of damage caused by freezing or cracking.

Our concrete outdoor planters the very best value for your landscape projects by providing the most appealing appearance to your garden decor and by ensuring that your investment is protected with the most durable concrete garden products available in the industry. 

Each one of our cast stone garden planters begins with a well-prepared mold by an experienced artisan. Cast stone molds are held together using screws and bolts in a meticulous manner. These molds are behind many of the beautiful visual details that make cast stone sculptures so special. 

Our artists are familiar with the details of each mold, as well as the dimensions and specifications of each garden planter. The process is fascinating since, as the stone mixture is applied to the mold, metal wires are added to enhance the detail of the landscape planter. This technique also helps to reinforce the strength of the sculpture itself. Depending upon the types of material being used, other additives can help to increase the strength and durability of the sculpture. 

The production of our Nichols Bros concrete landscape planters is the result of science and art coming together. Experienced cast stone artisans are responsible for these cherished works with a proven process behind them. Our collection of concrete outdoor planters adds unique and lasting beauty to any garden or yard. With exquisitely crafted artisan planters, you can make any garden a work of art! 
All cast stone landscape planters begin with a superbly prepared mold and an especially experienced artisan. The mold has an outer rigid casing that supports the more flexible inner mold. The inner mold contains all of the ornamental and visual details that are so beautifully apparent in cast stone garden structures. The outer mold secures the inner mold and is composed of several pieces that are held in place with screws and bolts.

The artisans are especially familiar with the all of the details of the mold and the dimensional specifications for each garden planter. As the proprietary cast stone admixture is applied to the inner mold metal wires are added to specific areas of the planter. The dry tap method is used and provides the artisan with a precise attention to every inch of the planter. The reinforcing bars placed are made of Grade 40 or 60 galvanized steel. Other additives may be added a selected locations to provide the planter with the highest strength and durability. All materials and methods adhere to the quality standards outlined from the Cast Stone Institute, The Portland Cement Society and the American Society for Testing and Materials.  In all, the production of these garden planters is both the result of expert science and a very skilled and experienced cast stone artisan.

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