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Fountain Design

Description of Two Basic Designs for Custom Frank Lloyd Wright Water Features and Custom Made Outdoor Water Fountains.

There are two types of classic garden fountain designs that accentuate the Frank Lloyd Wright planters and other cast stone garden planters. Both are unique types of conversions into unique cast stone garden fountains. Choosing the correct design is important because it represents you personal taste, your overall garden design, the amount of water sound you wish to create.
Standard Design

The Standard Design is the most popular and easiest to install. All of the water used is contained within the planter basin. The water feature provides water heads of various configurations and various height heads. All of the water in the planter basin is recirculated. There is no above ground or underground water reservoir. The water stays within the fountain basin and is re-circulated. Water does not overflow over the top off the fountain. This design is ideal for small to medium water basin volumes. The only drawback is you must pay attention to keep the water fountain pump submerged when in use. An un-submerged pump is the leading cause of pump failure. Water is lost from fountains from splashing, evaporation and animals drinking from them.

Cascading Water Design

With this elegant design the water is contained in both the fountain and a fountain basin. These basins can be above or below ground.  This design is used when there is a desire to have the water overflow the top rim of the fountain. The cascading design is best used when your entire garden design allows for adequate space. The bottom of the fountain is connected to the water basin reservoir and is able to re-circulate the water in the basin. When water is projected over the fountain top there is much more water needed to achieve this affect. A higher gallons per hour (GPH) capacity pump is required. 

The advantages of this design is that you will need to add water to the reservoir less frequently because there is much greater water in circulation. Also, it may give you the desired look of water flowing vertically. The water sounds can be less frequent unless you turn up the variable flow to higher levels. The disadvantages are greater time and a little money spent on installation, although installations can generally be done in one day. The expense of installations is usually minimal. Automatic shut off valves come with the small and the medium pumps when stated. 

Please see the examples of these two designs. Please Contact Us for designing cascading fountain for your garden. 

"This world is but a canvas to our imagination."
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